Hear It From Us

“ Change is the only constant”      

                                        -- Heraclitus

Research, Investigation & Exploration; all synonyms carry the same significance and whatever be the field of study, all have their vital contributory importance towards the development and evolution of new things and concepts. It stands no different for streams like law and management. Needs of ever changing law and exploration of new management techniques is satisfied by outputs of thorough research and analysis of existing norms. Law is a field which can never be static and the magnitude of its dynamism is so high that to maintain law and order in society and to facilitate good governance, up to date regulations and legislation addressing core latest issues are something sought for. It cannot be an affair of day or two but the result of constant research and exploration, which leads to highlighting of lacuna, loopholes, drawbacks, inefficiency and unexplored avenues. Management is yet another stream too dynamic in its approach.


Research being its only backbone to cope up with the changing organization culture, work culture and the latest trends. A core combination of both these streams i.e Law and Management opens up a plethora of opportunities to look into all such prospective areas which have lacked attention so far. Nobody can manage an institution without the due compliance with the concerned laws of land. With such a nexus it becomes crucial to carry out active detailed research in the interconnected areas of law and management. An idea cannot be useful & protected unless and until expressed and thus publication of research work is further necessary to enlighten the world with your work. So those, who all are ignorant with regard to a particular subject matter may boost up their knowledge and those having expertise may appreciate one’s hard work and efforts, after having perusal of a published research work. One thing which all of us should keep in mind is that, the only thing constant is change, so you have to learn to embrace it.

Journal for Legal and Management Research is a scholarly peer-reviewed inter-disciplinary Journal. The Journal seeks to commit to the growth and evolution of legal and management research including Competition laws, IPR, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Laws, CSR, Taxation Laws, Litigation and Business Management. 

Conversely Lawyers who advise Corporate Management must have an awareness of the  Business Implications of their legal advice. Legal and Management studies equips students for success, whether they aspire for leadership in business or for legal expertise. 

The Journal for Legal and Management Research is such a platform which promote this contemporary approach and seeks contributions from Professional Lawyers, Corporate Leaders, Academicians and Students.